Romain Brette

Romain Brette
Vision Institute
Paris, France

Speaker of Workshop 3

Will talk about: Brian for neuromorphic computing

Bio sketch:

Romain Brette is a research director leading the Computational Neuroscience of Sensory Systems group in the Vision Institute (Paris, France). He is a nominated member of Institut Universitaire de France, and a laureate of the European Research Council. He is the co-editor of the Springer series in computational neuroscience, and a program board member of the OCNS and INCF. He has published about 50 peer-reviewed articles on single neuron models, sensory systems, psychology of perception, acoustics, neural simulation and electrophysiology techniques (including Neuron, eLife, PNAS, J Neurosci, PLoS Comp Biol). He is the co-author of the Brian simulator, the most popular spiking neural network simulator; and of one of the most popular simplified neuron models (the AdEx model). His main interests are neural excitability, spike-based computation, neural computation in ecological environments, auditory and visual perception, neural network simulation.

Talk abstract:

Neuromorphic computing relies on tools to simulate neuron models on various platforms, including dedicated electronic devices. This diversity of simulation platforms is a challenge. To address this challenge, there is a trend towards the standardization of models. Here I will argue that neuron and plasticity models are likely to evolve quite drastically in the near future, and that standards face the risk of getting rapidly outdated. I will then expose the alternative strategy used in the Brian neural simulator, where models are defined directly by their mathematical equations and code is automatically generated for each specific target.