Australian Node symposium, Saturday, August 22

Neuroscience is increasingly a data and data analysis driven science and the role of computation and simulation in the neurosciences is becoming increasingly important to help researchers make sense of data, and communicate results.

This workshop will provide a venue for both neuroscience and computational science researchers to discuss the application of advanced data analysis techniques and tools, computational systems neuroscience approaches and visualization in the brain sciences.

The workshop topics include presentations of:

  • The integrative neuroscience research being undertaken by the Australian INCF node partners;
  • Multiscale neuroimaging data informatics and large-cohort comparative imaging data analyses;
  • Brain atlases and diagramming nervous systems;
  • Visualisation of neuronal activity, large-scale brain data; and
  • Techniques for interactive simulation and visualisation of neuronal models.


Session 1: Neuroscience drivers for next generation neuroinformatics

Session 2: Imaging informatics

Session 3: Simulation and visualization environments

Session 4: Atlases, tools, and applications